Garage Conversions

Not only are garage conversions a fantastic way to expand your living space, but according to property experts, can add as much as 10% to the resale value of your home.

We can convert your cold, damp garage into a warm, habitable living space – and because around 95% of the work is done within your garage, there is minimal disruption to the rest of your house. Once converted, a normal-sized one-car garage can provide around 14m² of space – ideal for an office or spare room, whereas a double, two-car garage can give you up to 28m², providing enough space for up to two new rooms.

Summit Builders offer a complete garage conversion service, from consultation, to design and contacting your local authorities, all the way through to project completion. We offer a huge range of energy-efficient windows and doors and the employ the latest building and insulation technologies in all of our work. Summit Builders also understand the stress and disruption building work can cause to people living in houses while garage conversion projects are in progress, so we take the utmost care on every project and always clean up thoroughly at the end of each day.

The options for converting your garage into a comfortable, functional living space are endless. Summit Builders have converted many garages in and around Cambridge to create:

Home office  •  Kitchen/Dining room  •  Guest bedroom  •  Bathroom  •  Utility room  •  Children’s playroom  •  Home cinema  •  Home gym  •  Music studio  •  Artist studio  •  Workshop



Summit Builders work to the highest possible standard with the greatest level of care, attention and detail. We can match your existing brickwork on both sides of your garage, as well as internal doors, skirting and features, allowing the conversion to appear absolutely seamless – as if it has always been part of the house. Summit Builders comply with all building regulations when installing uPVC double-glazed windows, damp-proofing, heating, insulation, adequate ventilation and underfloor heating, as well as wiring and plumbing.


Planning Permission

The majority of garage conversions can be undertaken without the need for planning permission due to the fact that around 80% of houses have their Permitted Development rights intact. Permitted Development rights are set out by the government to include the type of building work that can be carried out without planning permission. In rare cases, some properties have their Permitted Development rights taken away when they are built, so a verbal or written response is usually required from your local authority. Depending on the authority, a verbal response can take as little as two days, whereas a written response may take up to three weeks.

Summit Builders are happy to file applications on your behalf and organise all aspects of the planning permission and building regulations.